About Us

Back in 1994 we, the people of Konpaks, decided to take the opportunity provided by the Bulgarian soils which are among the most fertile in the Balkan peninsula.

Our location in the heart of these lands and the abundance of tasty fruit full of vitamins grown on the Bulgarian soils is the perfect prerequisite for the preparation of natural jam, fruit preserves and marmalades of the highest quality.if

Konpaks policy is future-oriented. The target of the company is to maintain a versatile product range that reflects the consumer demand and the gustatory preferences of our clients.
G. Delgqnski – manager

We create delicious moments of joy for our consumers!

homemade_jam_difference.jpg111-223x300Thanks to our many years of experience and our demanding approach towards fruit and flavour we realized that if we want to have products of crystal clear colour and 100% preserved natural ingredients, they should be prepared in small batches, adding a pinch of love in each product.

For almost two decades we have been winning many satisfied clients, partners and friends. The quality, short deadlines and competitive prices have always been our priority throughout the years.